1000 steps

Thousand Steps Beach in Laguna is named after these very stairs leading to the beach.  It feels like a thousand stairs, but it’s really not.  I am so impressed with anyone who can make it up and down these stairs more than once.  It’s a hard climb!

Crashing waves

We have every intention of conquering the stairs some day, but coffee and breakfast at Heidelberg Cafe and Bistro usually beckons us by the time we get to the top step.

Moss covered rock

We love this beach.  There are a lot of beautiful moss covered rocks.

Mossy rocks

See?  More mossy rocks…

Sunshine, how many steps?

Sunshine is counting his steps for the Step It Up challenge through Vans.  Our challenge is to get 10,000 steps a day which adds up to 5-6 miles.  It’s a little more challenging than we thought it would be.


This wall was right on the beach.  Street artist Retna has created his own original alphabet, fusing together influences from ancient Incan and Egyptian hieroglyphics Arabic, Hebrew, Asian calligraphy, and graffiti.  The wall is gone now.  They’re building a new house in it’s place.

Sea life

I love the sea life!  We’ve seen whales, dolphins, sea lions, crabs and starfish.  I love watching the pelicans too  They look pre-historic to me.

Stepping it up!

It turns out the beach is a thousand steps long!  Maybe that’s where the name REALLY comes from.

My happy Sunshine

My happy Sunshine…you would be too if you were there!

Victoria Beach waves

Nice  waves…

Victoria Beach, crashing waves

I love watching the waves crashing over the rocks.

Victoria Beach

Friday morning beach walks are the best.  Come and join us!  Breakfast at Heidelberg?

Heidelberg Vanilla Latte

Sunshine’s vanilla latte…

Heidelberg omelette

My Heidelberg omelette with fresh fruit was delicious!