Margarita Pizza with Burrata Cheese

Mushroom Pizza

Meat Lovers Pizza

We love pizza.  We’ve been making pizza for years and are always looking for ways to improve it.  I get on a mission to make the perfect whatever, and when I feel like I’ve nailed it, I move on.  But pizza, it turns out, is an endless mission.  First there is the dough…just a few ingredients with endless ways to knead and let rise.  Then you’ve got what goes on top, which could be anything! We’ve made our own mozzarella and ricotta, all kinds of meatballs and sauces and jams.  So obsessed are we about pizza that we had to build our own wood-burning pizza oven.

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Thanks to my genius rocket scientist Dad, and my hard working husband, we completed the task in just under 6 months.  It was well worth the effort.  We bought some crazy plans that cost a fortune, but even my Dad couldn’t decipher them.  We ended up using the free plans available through the fabulous Forno Bravo website.  Check out our journey…

The beginning…

Pizza oven location

We chose the location first and mapped it out.

Building the base for the pizza oven

Here’s Dad and Sunshine working on the base of the pizza oven.

The base for our pizza oven

Nice job, guys!

Building the dome

We added a concrete table top to the base.  Then added insulation board, and fire bricks on top of that.

Paigey is concerned

Paigey is concerned.  Don’t worry so much Miss Paigey!

Closing the dome

We used a workout ball to help with the top of the dome shape.

Adding the insulation

Dad and Sunshine are applying the insulation blanket over the fire brick dome.

Adding the decorative tiles

Thank you, Jennifer and Ryan, for helping us with the decorative tiles!

Adding the brick and tile face

The bricks and tiles just need a little grout.

Nice chimney copper topper

Sunshine is applying the chimney cap.  The pizza oven is complete!