Hook and GoI love my Hook and Go shopping cart!  My sister and I love to go to the farmer’s market in Irvine.  We like to load up on veggies.  Carrying too many bags gets to be a little painful.  We used to take my Smart car.  I wanted a cart, but since space was limited, this was the best option.  The Smart car is gone, but the Hook and Go stayed.  It really can handle a load…as you can see!  We usually run out of money before we run out of room on this little gem.  Just hook your bags and go!  I got mine at Sur la Table, but they don’t seem to carry them anymore.  It folds up into a nice little compact bundle of metal.  It’s like a pogo stick with a kick stand and an arm that folds down that has hooks for your bags.


The asparagus…


Farmer’s market red and orange beets.

Dates from the Date Man

I love the date man.  Medjool dates are my favorite!

Red Bell Peppers

The bell peppers…



Broccoli and Avocados

Broccoli and avocados…